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  • How Do I Clean A Cast Iron Skillet?
    Cast iron skillets can be a fantastic addition to any chef’s cooking arsenal, but just like any tool, understanding how to take care of it is just as important as understanding how to use it. A ...
  • How Do I Clean My Keurig?
    Coffee is one of the most beautiful substances known to humanity, and pod coffee systems like those made by Keurig have quickly taken over millions of kitchens across the country as the primary source ...
  • How Do I Clean My Microwave?
    Using a microwave may not be the best way to cook a delicious meal, but it’s by far the fastest, and just like any other piece of machinery, it needs to be cared for every once in a while. ...
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  • Time To Clean Your Makeup Drawer
    As you begin cleaning throughout your house, what areas do you tend to focus on the most? Do you spend more time in the kitchen? How about the bathroom? Maybe it’s time to give your carpets a ...
  • Why the 22-Step Cleaning Method Will Work For You
    You walk into your home and notice that the beds are unmade, dust is gathering on the shelves, and there are smudges all over the walls and furniture. You know you should get things organized and ...
  • Trusted Cleaning Service in the Community
    If you are like us, you do not usually simply take a company at its word. We understand that a service is nothing without proven results. We do not expect our customers to like us based on what we ...
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  • Tips to Clean Your Child's Backpack
    Backpacks are among the most important school supplies in your child’s closet, and just like anything your child comes in contact with it can become unbelievably dirty in what seems like the ...
  • Tips to Clean Your Child's Lunchbox
    School is back in session, and that likely means it’s about to get a lot more hectic around the house in the morning. Making sure your children have a fully packed lunch is one of the most ...
  • Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean
    The summer months are right around the corner, and that means it’s time to think about getting your pool ready for some fun. Keeping a stagnant body of water safe for your friends and family to ...

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  • Thank you for the excellent clean today. Even my living room carpet looks good, and it was in rough shape. I appreciate the attention to detail.

  • We have grown to trust your crew enough that we can comfortably leave to run errands while they are the house. They always do a great job!

  • The Maids have been cleaning our home for more than 7 years now and the service is great! Thank Orange Team!

  • Green Team: Always a good job done! Thank you!!!

  • The Blue team did a great job today. Even though only three people were on the team, they were efficient and did a thorough job. Thanks.

  • I appreciate how the Team Leader listens to any special requests I have. The Team is organized going right to work.

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Our Rigorous 22-step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System Gives Your Home The Clean It Needs

All Rooms
All Rooms
  • 1.Pick up & straighten
  • 2.Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings
  • 3.Remove cobwebs
  • 4.Dust/ vacuum furniture
  • 5.Vacuum floors, carpets
  • 6.Vacuum stairs
  • 7.Vacuum under beds
  • 8.Change linens, make beds
  • 9.Empty trash
  • 10.Clean sink
  • 11.Clean appliance exterior
  • 12.Clean inside microwave
  • 13.Clean range top
  • 14.Damp wipe cabinet doors
  • 15.Clean counters
  • 16.Hand wash floor
  • 17.Load dishwasher
  • 18.Clean sinks, counters, change towels
  • 19.Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, & showers
  • 20.Hand wash, disinfect floors
  • 21.Clean entry window, one set of patio door windows
  • 22.Clean window over kitchen sink