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Food That Attracts Insects

groceries on a counterWe’ve all experienced some kind of spill in the kitchen or dining room and thought nothing of it. A quick wipe down and all is well again. It may seem like a simple fix, but if it’s not cleaned correctly, it can attract unwanted insects into your home. Think about this: you go to the store and you buy some fruit. You leave it out on the counter as you go about your daily business. If there is a way into the home, insects can find it, especially if the fruit begins to get older, it can become the perfect meal for a fruit fly.

This isn’t the only threat to your home, though, as many insects that can enter based on the types of food items left out. This is why it is so important to make sure your properly clean your home and put any food you have away in a proper — and sealed — location. At The Maids Dallas, we know what kind of insects like the foods you have in your home. Our Dallas maids can also recommend ways to help prevent these pests from getting in and infesting your house. Below, we provide the foods that you may have in your home and what insects they may be attracting.


Sugary sweets or sugary drinks left out and open can be a big attractions for the many insects in the world. Ants in particular are attracted by sweets, including treats with excessive amounts of sugar. Because of the gaps that are left in windows, screens, and doors, it isn’t difficult for ants to make their way into your home to get their treat. As for sugary drinks, if you have ever left a can of soda open outside, you know that bees often decide they want to sit on — or even enter — the open can or bottle.

Fresh Produce

If you just bought fresh fruit or other produce and you leave them out, you may want to check and make sure there are no fruit flies. Fruits that are not ripe yet have a better chance of not containing fruit flies, but if you leave your fruit out in your home for too long you may attract fruit flies, as well as other insects who may like the sweetness of the fruit.

Pantry Foods

The items you put into your pantry — cereals, flour, pasta, and more — may attract pantry pests such as beetles. This can also include certain moths and weevils who may be looking for grains, rice, corn, and other dry foods. This is often the case when packages are not closed correctly and the items are left open for pests to invade.


It’s a common situation: people eat their food away from their plates and crumbs fall to the floor. We may vow to pick them up after we’re finished, but the crumbs often go forgotten. This can lead to an infestation of ants or cockroaches. It’s important to make sure your home is clean and there are no crumbs on the counters, floors, or inside your cupboards.

If you want to avoid having unwanted insects enter your home, you should take the necessary steps to keep your food sealed. This includes:

  • Make sure you tightly seal open food items in storage
  • Make sure you keep the lids on sugary drinks closed
  • Make sure ripened fruit or produce is used or stored in the fridge or freezer
  • Make sure wines and other alcoholic beverages have their caps, corks, or stoppers
  • Make sure you check your produce at the store for fruit flies
  • Make sure you clean crumbs and spills right away

The best way to combat insects and prevent them from entering your home is to make sure your house is clean. This means going the extra mile and putting in the effort to make sure there are no exposed foods that would attract insects.

At The Maids Dallas, we are determined to help you keep your home as clean as possible so you and your family are completely satisfied. We take the time to not only clean your home, but also provide tips that you can utilize in between our visits. This combination can help you have the cleanest home possible and keep the worry of insects in the back of your mind. Our system is designed to provide you with the most comprehensive clean possible. Call us today and learn more about our services and how we can help you.

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